Good Words About Building Neighborhoods

It's so much fun to have fresh greens growing in my neighbor's front yard - in her garden box. She said she prefers the lettuce and offered me the spinach. This morning I was able to go outside after breakfast, harvest some spinach leaves, and then put them in a wrap for my lunch. Convenient and nutritious!

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Tip of the Week

Neighborly Tip of the Week – Send a thank-you note to your City Councilperson

Here is how to get started:

  1. You can usually find your city councilperson’s contact information on your city’s website. If not, call your city office and ask.
  2. Be kind; be genuine. It would be great if you can identify a specific action your councilperson has taken that you are grateful for, but if you can’t do that, thank them for their time.

This tip creates a personal, positive connection. Make sure you address your note to someone personally. Now you know your city councilperson’s name and they know yours. The next time you have a concern or suggestion, you’ll have a positive channel of communication to work through because of your thank you note.

Happy neighboring!

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Neighborhood Walks

Lincoln is blessed with mile after mile of walking trails. Imagine the adventures you can have for yourself or share with a friend or your family.

Meet your neighbors. Say hello as you pass by. Give them a chance to say hello back.

Be aware of the beauty around you, especially if you spend some time walking in one of Lincoln's well maintained parks or gardens. For example, take in the beauty of the Sunken Gardens, the Rose Garden just across the street near the Children's Zoo. Or, just enjoy the fresh air and blue sky as you walk or bike on one of the trails that wind through Lincoln.

Maybe a stroll in the early evening around downtown is more to your liking. Smell the aroma of popcorn near the Bennett Martin Library. Rest your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee or a smoothie in one of the many venues all around downtown. Listen for street corner musicians.

Hike over to the Sheldon Art Gallery or down to the Haymarket for an early or late supper.

Lincoln has a lot to offer in each of in its many neighborhoods. So, get out and walk this Spring.

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2017 Peacemaker Conference

This year the Lincoln Peacemaker's Coalition presents Our Abundant Community. On April 29, 2017 we present "Bridges Out of Poverty" from 9:00am to 3:30pm. Then, on Sunday, April 30, "Building Neighborhood Strength."

Bridges Out of Poverty: This workshop is sponsored by the Interfaith Peacemaking Coalition and it is free and open to the public. Lunch is included. The location is First United Methodist Church, 2723 North 50th Street, Lincoln, NE in the Black Fellowship Hall.

Building Neighborhood Strength: This program will be led by the Rev. Adam Barlow-Thompson. Adam Barlow-Thompson is the Executive Director of SoCe Life in Wichita, KS.

Our Abundant Community vision is that every neighborhood in Lincoln has an organization or church connected to their local school leading the way to connect neighbors. All families benefit from this connection, especially the low and no income families.

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Next Steps...

Register for Bridges Out of Poverty and Building Neighborhood Strength today.  Call the First United Methodist Church in Lincoln Nebraska: (402)466-1906 or online at